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Tips & tricks for surviving period cramps!

It ain’t a secret that women suffer their period every month. Some deal with it easily, others not. Either way, every female deals with period cramps. Whether it starts when you’re young, or shows up later, we all know the annoying feeling. At least, all women do 😉

1. Distract yourself

I know we can’t exactly go out, due to the virus, but try to find something to do outside. Try gardening, go for a walk or go for a bicycle ride. Anything is a good way to distract yourself.

2. Laugh marathon

No, I’m not talking about nitrous oxide. What I mean, is for you to organize a movie night: only comedies allowed. When you laugh, or feel happy, endorphins is ‘released’ in your body. Of course it doesn’t only make you feel better, it also works to get your head ‘back in the game.’

3. Sports

I know, the last thing you want to do is do a full workout while you’re having your period. But, it does help to make you feel better. Yoga, for example, helps you to relax. It distracts you and you can do it at home! There are many videos on YouTube that can help you. And trust me, you’ll feel much better after 30 minutes!

4. Feel good music

Music can be so beautiful, that you either start to tear up or smile extremely bright. Either way: when you listen to music, endorphins (welcome back!) will be ‘released’ in your brain. You’ll feel yourself relaxed, which reduces the pain. Though, don’t listen to too many songs that’ll make you cry. That doesn’t really work.

5. Massage

Does your back hurt? Ask someone to give you a massage! Your shoulders and lower back, need some extra care. And if the other doesn’t want to continue after five minutes or so, you can ask them to roll a tennis ball over your back. This’ll show the same results!

6. Baking

We all know the cravings we have during our period: wanting some sweetness. So, why not bake your own cookies or pie? You’ll distract yourself, so you’ll forget your pain! Plus, once they’re done, you can eat them! That seems like a fair win to me!

7. Oil

Fish oil seems to be a much used product, while women have their period. Take a fish oil pill, or use a bit of lavender or sesame oil to rub on your stomach. Say bye to the pain!

8. Less junk food

I know, you’d rather do eat junk food while you’re on your period. But, trust me. You’ll feel lots and lots better when you eat a bit more healthy during this period. Vitamin E is a must. So, grab a bowl of fruit and yHow ou’re done!

9. Hot

Make sure you put something hot on your stomach and/or back, like a heating pad. But, it could very well be a shower or bath! And, why don’t you treat yourself with some chamomile tea or a chocolate bar?

10. Stay hydrated

Of course water won’t magically ‘poof’ your pain away, but it does work very well for that ‘bloated’ feeling you have. Try to drink about 1,5 to 2 liters of water a day. And, avoid everything that contains caffeine. That means no morning coffee for you this week!

11. Birth control pill

This pill can help to reduce your pain and cramps while you’re on your period. The pill ensures your body to no longer produce extra mucous membrane, meaning you’ll have less abdominal cramps! Though, check with your doctor first, before you take anything!

How do you deal with your period pain?

Love, Deem ❤

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