Oils that are perfect for both skin and hair!

There are a lot of expensive lotions and ointments out there, ready for you to use on your skin. And of course, many different kinds of hair masks. But, did you know that there’s a much simpler way of taking care of both your skin and hair? By using oils!Β 

Almond oil

Almond oil softens and nourishes the skin. The oil causes a protective layer to occur on your skin, meaning that moisture will evaporate less quickly. I mean, who doesn’t want that soft baby skin? Almond oil is also a perfect use for sensitive skin. And if you want to give your hair a boost, you should apply a tiny amount of oil to your fingertips, applying it to the ‘ends’ of your hair.

Castor oil

This type of oil works amazing for the growth of your eyelashes and eyebrows. Though, it’ll also take care of your skin. The oil prevents dehydration of your skin and hair, giving it the opportunity to recover. Tip: use castor oil as a hair mask. Massage a bit of oil in your scalp, leave it be for fifteen minutes and rinse it out.

Avocado oil

Is your skin quite dry, tight and rough? Then you should use avocado oil! This oil absorbs quickly, making the skin smooth. It can also be used as a hair serum for dry and/or damaged hair.

Argan oil

Argan oil firms, hydrates and restores the skin. How? Due to the high addition of antioxidants and vitamin E. This oil slows down the wrinkling of your skin. Of course you’re too young to think about this, but one can never be too careful πŸ˜‰ Oh, and argan oil also repairs the skin tissue and strengthens the nails.

Jojoba oil

This one is perfectly fit for the dry and sensitive skin. This oil also contains anti-inflammatory characteristics, meaning it’s very suitable to ‘fight’ pimples. Though, make sure you don’t use too much of this oil! Otherwise your skin will remain very oily. And, jojoba oil can be perfectly used as a hair mask. Massage a bit of the oil in the ‘ends’ of your hair, leave it be for ten minutes and wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

Do you use any of these oils?

Love, Deem ❀

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Image source: Pexels

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