Which colour suits you the most?

Most people want to dress themselves properly, matching their skin colour and all. Or, matching their eye colour. Of course every season has its own colours, and that’s why I wrote this article! So, are you curious which colour suits you?

Which colour type am I?

You’ve probably heard of the colour analysis, based off season types. Everyone can be divided in one of the four types, (spring, summer, autumn and winter) which has a suitable colour profile and an appurtenant colour advice. Based off your hair colour, colour of your eyes and undertone of your skin, you’ll be able to determine your profile. And yes: that’ll tell you which colour suits you! In fashion sense!

Colour advice: spring type

Your hair colour is warm and light, for example golden blonde. Your eyes are (grey)blue, light brown or green. Your skin is light, with a warm undertone, combined with freckles. Your skin- and hair colour have little contrast, meaning you won’t get a tan rather quick. If you recognize yourself in this description, these warm colours should be in your closet at all times: moss green, coral red, golden brown, ink blue and all sand tones. Also, light pastel shades look beautiful on you. If you want to stand out a bit more, you can go for more powerful colours, such as yellow, orange-red, apple green or turquoise. Colours that you shouldn’t wear, are dark, muted colours and black, because these are too contrasting with your light skin. Pure white and colours with a cool undertone, are also not made for you.

Colour advice: summer type

This person is a very cool type. That means your skin has a cool undertone – mostly light – and your (mostly blonde) hair, also doesn’t have a red undertone. Your eyes are blue or grey green. The summer type should rather choose ‘cool’ colours, such as teal, gray-brown, lavender, blue-gray, aubergine, powder pink, jeans blue and pastel colours with a bluish undertone. You could say that all blue and purple shades fit you well. Which colours you shouldn’t wear? Black, beige, orange and gold make you look pale, and that’s something we always want to avoid.

Colour advice: autumn type

The autumn type is the darker version of the spring type. You can recognize yourself as one when you have dark blonde or chocolate brown hair, mostly showing a warm, copper glow. Your skin colour is light, slightly beige. You have freckles during the summer. Your eyes are green or hazelnut coloured. Your colours can be found in nature: khaki, terra cotta, brown red, moss green, orange, beige, coffee brown, olive green or apricot. They definitely belong in your wardrobe. Which not? Blue, pink and grey.

Colour advice: winter type

Is your skin pale or (very) light with a blue undertone? And is your hair dark brown or black, without a red glow? Then you’re a winter type. The contrast between your hair, skin and eyes is very big. You should pick bright colours, such as red, green or blue. Colours with a blue undertone suit you best, as long as it’s bright. Nature shades won’t do much for you. You should avoid the colours orange, brown, peach and beige.

And, which type are you? What about the colours, do you like them?

Love, Deem ❤

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