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This is your mythical creature according to your zodiac sign!

It has been two years since we lost Avicii. We miss you Tim. I, miss you. Dearly.

Everyone knows that your zodiac sign says a lot about you (unless you of course don’t believe in the spiritual things). But if you’ve been curious about which mythical creature you may be, then your zodiac sign will enlighten you!

Aquarius ♒

You’re smart and very creative, and it’ll never be a dull moment with you! However, sometimes you look a little shy. No worries though, because you’re a wonderful listener! You would be a fairy!


You love daydreaming, are shy and emotional (in a good way). That’s you, described in three words! You know how to handle other people’s emotions and want to do everything you can to make them feel better! You’re a pegasus!

Aries ♈️

You’re a feisty person and are full of fire, and passion of course! You won’t let any chance escape without fighting for it, which is a good quality! You would be, which isn’t really a surprise, a phoenix!


You’re quite stubborn. You feel one with nature, are down to earth and are a very quiet person. Also, you take a lot of time to think about the choices you make. Your creature would be, an elf!


Communication is your strength, and one of the things you’d love to participate in. You’re a star in talking! You easily modify to a situation, so you know which creature you’d be? A werewolf! Dangerously changeable 😉


You have a great fantasy, which shows itself in the things you create. You’re everything but a boring person. However, you do find yourself more comfortable when you’re at home. In your own space, where no one will disturb you. You’re a mermaid!


You love being in the spotlight, showing your confidence to everyone. Your passion for people and things you love is like a storm, which makes the thunderbird a wonderful friend for you!


You’re not scared to work hard. You don’t mind doing any dirty work, and are always polite and qualified in analyzing situations. Those ingredients are needed for a wonderful potion, as the kind witch you are!


It’s always kinda complicated with you, to make choices. Especially the right ones. You love being social and to be outside. Which mythical creature fits you? An unicorn, obviously!


Oh, there’s some sort of, mysterious scent around you. You’re always honest and are very brave. Though, sometimes you can be really sharp, about certain things. Oh, you little vampire, you.


You’re very positive! Travelling is your favourite activity, even if it means going for a trip to the local supermarket by bus. You love your freedom and you obviously know how to make people happy. You’re a real angel!


You’re a reserved and responsible person, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know what the word fun means! You’re very powerful and are strong enough to defend your own believes. You’re a born dragon!

So, which mythical creature are you?

Love, Deem ❤

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22 thoughts on “This is your mythical creature according to your zodiac sign!

  1. Dragon- seriously, I wanted something else. I love mythology.
    In Tale of the Cattail Forest, I created a new fairy creature. While frogs and fairies already were existent, there never once was a Fairy Frog. That species comes in different types. All the Fairy Frogs are clever and deeply compassionate, and have translucent wings. In Tale of the Cattail Forest- the Fairy Frogs are naturally gifted in the arts. Sparkle- a drawer, Misty- a singer, Darcy- sculpture, Felipe-woodcarving, Aries- construction, Celeste- pottery, and Tweetsie- still trying to figure that out.

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