Replace your ‘unhealthy’ cravings with ‘healthy’ snacks

You rather want to eat unhealthy snacks all day, since you don’t have to go out and it doesn’t matter if you gain some weight or not. But, it’s not wise to do this all day, every day. It’s not that healthy, as you probably figured out yourself. So, how about we replace some? 

1. Chocolate

If you’re craving chocolate, you’re craving magnesium. And you can find this in nuts, fruit, vegetables and seeds as well. So, why don’t you replace your bar of chocolate for a bowl of fruit or nuts?

2. ‘Fat’ snacks

If you’re craving food that’s covered in ‘fat’, you need calcium. You can also find this in cheese, milk and vegetables, like spinach. Why don’t you have lunch with a cheese sandwich and a glass of milk, instead of eating a pizza?

3. Carbohydrates

Of course it’s a good thing to eat food with this included, but it’s not always healthy. That’s why it’s wise to trade your croissant or plate of pasta for a healthy version. Pick beans, chia seeds, meat or ‘fatty’ fish. I bet you can make a delicious dish with it!

4. Sweet snacks

Leave the cupcake or brownie on the counter, and choose a healthier alternative. When you’re craving something sweet, you want carbon, phosphorus, sulfur and tryptophan. You’ll find these things in broccoli, fresh fruit, chicken, beef, sweet potato, dairy, cranberries, cabbage and raisins. So, fill a bowl with cranberries and raisins, instead of eating a cupcake!

5. Salty snacks

The various things added in salty potato chips, will also be found in cashews and seeds. And, goat milk and ‘fatty’ fish are also perfect options for when you crave salt!

How is your eating pattern at the moment?

Love, Deem ❤

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