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Your horoscope tells you when you’ll meet your true love!

Most people believe in true love, I for one don’t. However, did you know that your horoscope tells you at what age you shall meet your true love? Well, you’ll find out today! Have you already found yours, or will you soon?

Aquarius ♒: Age 30 

An Aquarius won’t fall in love that easy. Sure they like people, but they don’t feel a strong connection with someone, let alone believe someone might be their true love. Though, everyone needs a soulmate in their life. An Aquarius often feels misunderstood and wants to be with someone who doesn’t ask for an explanation. You’ll meet that person when you hit 30.

Pisces ♓: Age 19

Pisces are real romantic people. They dream about a romantic relationship with their true love. Luckily for the Pisces, they’ll meet this special someone rather quick. At a young age, they find themselves in a relationship, straight out of a fairy tale. No love will ever be so special, as your first one.

Aries ♈️: Age 25

You’ll grow up when you hit 25, discovering who you really are. This’ll be the perfect time for you to go look for your soulmate, so he or she can get to know you through thick and thin! After your 25th birthday, you’ll find yourself in a period of time resulting in you enjoying your life to the fullest!

Taurus ♉: Age 18

You’ll meet your soulmate at age 18, which is pretty young. You find it extremely exciting to fall in love, not knowing where your relationship will go from there. And to be very honest, you’d rather spend time with friends than with your love. Though, that one person will show you the right path, and you’ll stay together forever.

Gemini ♊: Age 19

You’ll meet your true love at age 19, but will find out that it’s indeed your true love a few years later. You immediately feel something between the two of you, as soon as you meet. The feeling as if you’ve known one another for many years. Though, there’s a possibility that you’ll friend zone each other or loose one another. Some time may pass, but you’ll find each other back. Always.

Cancer ♋: Age 21

You dream about finding the perfect relationship almost your entire life. You know exactly who your partner should be and what he should look like. You’ve been searching for him/her for many years now, with that list in the back of your head. And when you hit 21, you’ll find him/her.

Leo ♌: Age 27

The Leo consciously chooses to not start a relationship in their younger years. They want to discover the world on their own first. When they hit 27, they’ll be ready for a serious relationship, finding their soulmate rather quick.

Virgo : Never

It’s very hard for a Virgo to find a romantic soulmate, no matter how hard they try. Luckily, the Virgo has enough friendships that feel like real soulmates. You’re the exception: you don’t need to fall in love to find your soulmate and to find true love.

Libra ♎: Age 20

You’ll meet your true love when you hit 20, which you find a quite uneasy age. You don’t feel like a teenager anymore, but also don’t feel like a grown-up yet. When you meet your true love, you’ll first start off with a friendly relationship. You’re talking about a lot of things, for hours. And when you’re both ready, your relationship will turn in real love.

Scorpio ♏: Age 17

You’re very young, when you fall in love with your soulmate. You feel it all: the butterflies in your stomach, the floating feelings. So, it’s not weird that you don’t know what to do with it. Your relationship with that person however, quickly intensifies. You’ve never felt this happy before, but you’ll also find yourself in the middle of heated fights. However, you two are made for one another, meaning you’ll always stay together.

Sagittarius ♐: Age 28

The Sagittarius needs to be free and to be alone, especially during their younger years. When they pass the middle of their 20’s, they’ll start to think about a relationship. When they hit 28, they’ll be surprised by their own feelings. They’ll start to fall in love, which wasn’t planned! But they better get used to it, because that person is their soulmate and will stay with them, forever.

Capricorn ♑: Age 32

Capricorn, you don’t really believe in soulmates. When people talk about ‘the one’, you’ll roll your eyes. You believe in more realistic relationships, not in the perfect image. When you turn 30, you start to understand what they meant, every time they were talking about it. You’ll fall in love and yeah, it’s a keeper!

So, have you found yours already? Or is yours complete baloney?

Love, Deem ❤

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