Which Disney villain am I?

I was kind of bored during quarantaine, so I decided to search for fun Disney villains quizzes. You know, the people we normally hate? Well, I was wondering what’d roll out of those tests. So, let’s talk a look, shall we?

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Test 4

Test 5

Test 6

Test 7

Test 8

I honestly didn’t expect that outcome haha. I mean, I choose swords and teeth two or three times but, that’s quite impressive haha. At first I was like: I got all different ones. I was afraid none would come out as ‘the true villain.’ So then I got a second Captain Hook (mainly because I chose swords and sword fights) and then I got two more Scars. Now, I’d never hurt my family or friends. I chose the quote ‘I’m surrounded by idiots’, way too many times. So, maybe that’s why haha.

Now I wonder: which one(s) did you get?

Love, Deem ❤

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