Say goodbye to your dry hands!

Everyone needs to wash their hands now, due to the virus. Meaning our hands go dryer and dryer, each time we wash them. So, I got some tips for you to take care of your hands, making them soft again!

1. Apply moisturizing cream

It’s very important to keep your hands soft by using hand lotion, but it’s even more important nowadays. Remind yourself to moisturize your hands after you’ve washed them. There are many different kinds of lotions, but if your hands show small cuts, you should avoid buying the one with perfume in it. The best option would be one that’s made for cuts. And it’s always important to buy one that hydrates your skin!

2. Stay hydrated

When you dry up on the inside, you’ll most likely see that on the outside as well. You’ve probably heard this plenty of times already but: make sure you drink enough! You should drink 1,5 to 2 liters a day.

3. Products

Of course washing your hands won’t be the only cause of your dry hands. It may very well be you using the wrong products. So make sure you keep track of what a certain product does to your skin once you use it. Does your skin show red spots or starts itching? Then you should buy a different one! Is it cold outside? Then you should wear a pair of hand gloves!

4. Night treatment

Would you hate it to be walking around with moisturized hands all day? Making your hands too smooth? Then you should consider applying it at night, right before you head to bed. You may even choose to wear gloves, to make sure the lotion stays on your hands, doing its job to cure them. Also, there are special hand masks in existence, with the lotion added inside the glove!

5. Take care of your cuticles

You may not think about your cuticles right away, when you focus on your dry hands. But taking care of your cuticles is a must. Use an oil or lotion for them!

6. Scrub

By using a scrub, you’ll get rid of the dead skin cells. Use a mild scrub though! Using a scrub that’s too coarse will only hurt your skin more! Oh, and use a hydrating lotion, right after you scrub. That’ll make sure your skin gets the right treatment!

How do you take care of your hands in these strange times?

Love, Deem ❤

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