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I’ll tell you how to cut your own hair without ruining it!

Since we can’t get an official haircut, our hair starts to grow. And once it grows, we want to cut it, right? So, let me tell you how you can easily cut your own hair without ruining it!

  • Before you cut your hair, make sure to wet it first. Then use a brush to get your hair straight. But if your hair is straight already, as your original style, you don’t need to wet it per se. However, make sure it’s straight enough. If you’re not certain about it, you can always use a hair straightener.
  • Make sure there’s something nearby you. If something goes wrong, or you don’t cut right, they can assist you.
  • You can cut your hair by using many different techniques:
    1. Bend forward and put all your hair in front of you. Let it hang there and start cutting from right to left. Make sure you cut straight!
    2. Comb your hair to your back and put it in a low ponytail. Start sliding the hair elastic/rubber band down, as straight as possible. Once it’s on the length you want to cut your hair off, you can start cutting it.
    3. Keep your hair between your fingers to only cut the ends of your hair. Make sure to do this piece by piece. And make sure you cut each piece of your hair at the same length, to prevent your hair showing ‘bites.’ If you want to make sure that won’t happen, you should keep the first one you cut between your fingers; as an example.
    4. Tip: don’t cut too much at once. Because when your hair is no longer wait, it may happen that your hair looks 2-5 centimeters shorter.

Types of hair

  • Straight hair: it can be a tricky hair style to cut, because you see mistakes quite easily. The best way to cut your hair, is to cut the ‘bottom’ of your hair as straight as possible. You could use a trimmer if you want to make sure it goes right!
  • Wavy hair: wet your hair first, before you start cutting. Make sure to not cut too much, because your hair gets shorter when it’s dry.
  • Curly hair: your hair is actually the easiest to cut! If you make a mistake, it won’t be seen as quick. But the same goes for you: first wet your hair, before you start cutting. Cut piece by piece, and keep in mind that your hair looks shorter once it’s dry!

Do you cut your own hair?

Love, Deem ❤

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