Multiple reasons why your eyelid may be twitching

I think we’ve all suffered it at least once in our lives: a twitching eyelid. It should disappear quite quick, but that isn’t always true. Regardless, it’s a super annoying feeling. But, why does your eyelid twitch in the first place? And how will you make it stop?

Reason 1: Short on magnesium supplements

When you suffer a twitching eyelid quite often, there might be a possibility that you’re short on certain nutrients; such as magnesium. It hasn’t been scientifically proven that magnesium deficiency can cause your eyelid to twitch, but one can never be careful enough. So, go to the drug store and buy yourself a bag of magnesium supplements. Though, only take one pill a day!

Reason 2: Caffeine

Do you drink many cups of coffee a day? And are you suffering a twitching eyelid? Then I’m afraid you should consider trading your coffee for something else, like water or tea. Having too much caffeine in your body will activate several muscles in your body, which is why your eyelid starts twitching. So, no more morning coffee!

Reason 3: Sore eyes

Sore eyes can often cause your eyelid to start twitching. With sore eyes, I mean dry eyes or when you struggle to put your contact lenses in. Though, using the wrong makeup remover or looking at a screen for too long, can also cause a twitching eyelid. To prevent this, you should give your eyes enough rest. Look in a different direction or close them. And relax!

Reason 4: Tiredness and stress

By far the biggest cause is tiredness and stress. A twitching eyelid is mainly a sign that you should take a break. Are you stressing about work or school? Time to relax! Though, when you sleep badly or sleep too little, it may also cause your eyelid to start twitching. Take some rest and relax. And you’ll notice that it’ll be gone in no time!

What do you normally do when your eyelid starts twitching?

Love, Deem ❤

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Image source: Pexels

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