The things that happen while you try to clean your room

Your room is a mess. There’s stuff everywhere, your windowsill is decorated with dust and your mum/dad/roommate/boyfriend/girlfriend keeps complaining about the mess. It doesn’t matter what you try: you simply just can’t clean your room. And this is why!

1. You want some inspiration to clean your room, so you go to YouTube and try to find a tutorial. Before you know it, you end up watching videos like pranks and sweet animals doing funny things. Meaning, two hours later, you still haven’t done anything to clean your room.

2. Thinking about cleaning your room, makes you tired like hell. Why does one even need to clean their room?

3. You’re doing a very good job at cleaning, only to find out that the vacuum cleaner is nowhere nearby. Crap, it’s still downstairs… No way that you’ll go get it. This is a sign that you should stop cleaning your room.

4. Everyone has a chair that’s covered in clothes. And well, that chair is no longer a chair, in your case. It’s completely covered in clothes. You start digging through them and find the shirt you thought you had lost. Let’s see if it still fits…

5. You need some background music, if you want to be able to clean your room. But you skip most songs situated in your playlist. Once you’ve found the perfect one, it’s time for dinner. How inconvenient!

6. One can never decline a Face time call from their best friend. Before you start talking, you tell him/her that it should be short. However, we all know that that’s not gonna happen. Because that ‘short’ conversation turns into a two hour call.

7. Cleaning your bed sheets is equal to walking the marathon: it’s impossible! It literally takes forever! You fall down on your bed, totally exhausted. No way that your energy level is still up for more cleaning!

8. Walking downstairs means walking towards the couch. You know damn well that you won’t return to your room when you go downstairs.

9. Snacking means rest. Everyone knows that you should take your time with eating snacks. And after snacking, one should rest. I mean, taking a nap on the couch right after is something that happens to everyone once in a while, right?

10. You’re terrible at deciding what to throw away and what not. Sure, that cd is full of scratches, but it’s still nice to keep. It holds too many good memories. Wait… Do you still have a cd-player?

What are your thoughts when you want to clean your room?

Love, Deem ❤

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