Food none of us can live without!

We all have a favourite food. Whether it’s something healthy or not, food is food. Imagine that one day, your favourite food will be gone. That’d be a catastrophe, right? I may not be able to guess your favourite but, I do know the ones most people would choose!

1. Whenever you hear comfort food, you’d rather quickly think of pizza and pasta. Coming home after a long day of work… ordering pizza or eating a freshly made pasta dish. What’d we do without Italian food?

2. The most delicious cookies in the world? Oreo cookies of course! It’s amazing that they come up with new recipes! I mean, who doesn’t want Oreo ice cream, Oreo pie and Oreo brownies?

3. These two friends will always be there for you: in the morning, afternoon, evening and night. They don’t mind the time. And if there’s no one else around, they’ll have your back: Ben & Jerry!

4. The perfect snack for a girls night? Nachos of course! Though, they taste even more delicious when they’re freshly warmed up, covered in a thick layer of cheese. And on top of that, a nice delicious side sauce as the finishing touch.

5. Your best friend and greatest support, the love of your life. The one being there for you in your hard times, or the one sharing your happy moments. Chocolate is indispensable.

6. Fries, some people love this like there’s nothing else in the world. They often go to McDonald’s to get themselves a bag of freshly baked fries. Imagine McDonald’s going bankrupt one day.

7. Cheese is delicious, and can be eaten in many different ways. Eating pasta without a layer of grated cheese? Unthinkable! What even is a salad without some Parmesan cheese? Exactly: useless. And eating pizza without cheese? A great loss.

8. The ideal dessert for every occasion is a cheesecake. Some might want to replace it with apple pie, yogurt or ice cream. But no, no way. Cheesecake, please don’t ever leave us!

9. We’ll never get enough of all the candy we can choose from. Piglets, gummy bears, sour balls, gum. It’s endless! What’d we do without candy you wonder? Well, okay, we maybe wouldn’t have to visit the dentist as much but… Let’s not think about that 😉

10. You know what you should always have in your home? Instant noodles. They’re easily made and taste amazing! Perfect meal for a student or hard working human being!

Which food did I forget to mention?

Love, Deem ❤

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