What does your ascendant say about you?

Everyone has a zodiac sign. But did you know we all have an ascendant too? It’s calculated by the pointing way of the zodiacs, to the eastern horizon. It tells you something about who you are to other people: your social status. Your ascendant decides your body and style, and how others see you. To find out which ascendant you have, you click here. And then we shall begin! Mine is a Taurus by the way!


You have a bright and creative mind. You love making new things and believe some things need to be looked at, before they’ll be considered a failure. Your quote in life is: ‘change is good!’ You’re a very independent person, which is why you struggle in relationships. You’re very open-minded and friendly to those around you.


You have a big heart and are very sensitive. Helping others is your talent and you love doing this for those you care about. You do forget yourself sometimes, so make sure you also take care of yourself. You need someone who wants to do fun stuff with you, and wants to hug you lots. But no worries, you’ll find your soulmate!


Not enough energy? Not you! Energy is in your blood! Once you have a goal, you do everything you can to possibly reach it. And you never say no to adventure: you’d love to make a world road trip one day. Your energy and spontaneity is a perfect combination! You’re very open-minded and have a positive mindset! As a team player, you’re very good at giving advice to others, making sure there’s always a positive vibe nearby!


You’re a strong and brave person, which is why you can handle a small setback or fight. You may not be a dreamer, but are very realistic and that’s a very good quality! You see the world as it is. Everyone loves having you as a friend, because you’re always stable and someone everyone can rely on. But, you are quite stubborn.


Discovering the world, is what you want to do. You’re curious to visit new places and cultures. Communication is key, but you’re very good at that. No wonder you’re very loved by everyone around you! You’re always looking for something new, whilst being on your own. You got the world in your hands!


You can feel what others feel around you. You know when someone isn’t feeling well, without even talking to them. Because you’re good at this, you’re also very good at communicating. You may be the mum of your group of friends, but that’s not a bad thing! It means you’re always there for those around you, making sure everyone is happy. You may be a bit insecure sometimes, but there’s no need for that!

LEO ♌️

Everyone sees you as an inspiration, and that’s exactly what you want. You love the spotlight, meaning taking charge won’t be hard for you. Fun is what you want in life, and for everyone else to have fun as well! You’re one who enjoys life to the fullest, every day. You’re a good mentor, always prepared with a peptalk to brighten someone’s mood. Your confidence may let others believe that you’re selfish, but you know your worth. Let the haters talk!


You know when something is wrong with your group of friends. That’s why you confront them and try to solve their problems. You have lots of talent for observation, knowing when to avoid drama. Organizing things is something you’re very good at, and you strive for neat and perfection. Some people may be annoyed by that, but that’s how you roll!


You’re born with a natural charm. You’re friendly and always think about others. You’re very interested in the world, wanting to discover it each day. You’re not doing so well with making decisions, but that’s why you have your friends and family. You don’t like being alone, which is why you keep your loved ones close.


You’re full of passion and ambition! As soon as you know you want something, you’ll make sure to use all of your energy to achieve it. You’ll do literally anything for your crush or friends. Because of that passion, you don’t step back from what you believe in. Your opinion won’t change, nobody can achieve that. Your hobbies are very important to you, meaning you’ll keep the same ones for years. Failures aren’t in your dictionary, because you try to avoid those. But you’ll learn from mistakes, so don’t worry and make them!


You’re looking for the big world, different countries, cultures and new experiences. You’re looking for something new every day, wanting to find your goal in life. The question that you’re always asking yourself, is whether you’ll achieve it or not. But you highly believe the truth is out there. You’re social, but also wise. That’s why you don’t bind yourself to something, but stay your own strong, independent self!


You’re very ambitious and love responsibility. Making plans is an important task of your life, making sure that everything is arranged. You hate doing things spontaneous. You’ll achieve a lot in your life, because you’ll go far with your ambitions. Though, you find trouble in sharing your thoughts with your friends and family. But, as soon as you share, you’ll find yourself relieved. Enjoy the moments of life!

So, what’s your ascendant?

Love, Deem ❤

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