The snacks tag

Snacks, who doesn’t like them? I mean, I know we all do! Whether it’s during a movie, or just because you feel like craving snacks: we love snacking to the max! And since we’re in quarantaine, we all eat a bit more snacks then we usually would. Anyway; let’s start this tag!

1. What’s your favourite fast food restaurant?

I actually hate fast food as it is haha. I used to go to McDonalds a lot, but I started to dislike it. However, it’s always easy to eat at whenever you’re somewhere unknown. I mean, don’t tell me you don’t go to McDonalds at least once during your vacation abroad?

2. Sweet or salty popcorn?

I choose sweet popcorn. I mean, I don’t dislike salty popcorn but I don’t fancy it as much. Whenever I go to the movies, I always take a box of sweet popcorn with me.

3. What’s your favourite ice cream?

I love myself a scoop of vanilla ice, strawberry ice and chocolate ice. And whenever that’s my dessert, you won’t hear me complain. Not once.

4. Describe the most delicious pie you’ve ever eaten?

I mean, I’m not a fan of pies, to be very honest. Baking, yes. Eating, no. I do love myself a golden old apple pie. I mean, they’re plain simple and always taste good. And I mean, my grandparents bake them so delicious!

5. Deliver something or make something?

I mean, when it comes to pizza, I’ve to pick it up myself. So, in all honesty, I never let someone deliver food to my door. I either always pick it up, or make something myself. I love making myself some vegetarian pasta.

6. Will you snack cheese or M&M’s?

I mean, I do love some cheese during birthday parties. But, I love M&M’s more xd. But I actually only like the blue one. I’m not fond of the peanut one and I also am not really fond of the brown one.

7. What’s your favourite in between snack?

Chocolate haha. I always love myself a tiny chocolate bar during the day. I mean, who doesn’t love themselves some chocolate every day?

8. Warm or cold apple pie?

I love it cold. I’m not really one who wants to eat any pastry when it’s still warm. I mean, slightly is okay. But I weirdly enough love cold apple pie more. And it’s a good thing it’s basically asking me which apple pie I prefer more, because like I said before: it’s the only pie I really like xd

9. What will you order in a cafe?

For snacks, nothing actually. I mean, some friends of mine order some deep fried snacks. But most of them are not vegetarian. If we’d order something, I’d go for a cheese souffle, which I’m pretty sure English people don’t really know about. It’s basically a small, flat, deep fried piece, filled with melted cheese.

10. Which snack will you eat next to your fries?

None actually. I don’t like those deep fried things, since most of them aren’t vegetarian. But like I said above, then I’d pick the deep fried cheese souffle. Or, a vegetarian burger.

11. What’s your favourite potato crisps flavour?

I love the plain version: just the basic natural flavour. I do sometimes eat the pepper crisps version. But I love sticking to the plain basics. As for most of my answers, so I saw haha.

What’s your favourite snack?

Love, Deem ❤

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