Which Hogwarts house do I belong in?

I’ve always been a fan of Harry Potter. I mean, who hasn’t? You can tell me you never did, but you can’t deny that there must be at least one book or film that you really liked. Anyway, I’ve done many House sorting tests before and shared those on Twitter. So, a few months later, I decided to take them again. And some others! I’ve had Slytherin back then, so what shall my result be now?

Pottermore quiz

ProProfs quiz

Hogwarts House Test

Hogwarts House quiz

The Sorting Hat quiz

Personality Hogwarts House quiz

Okay, if I did six tests… And they all said Slytherin… I assume I’m still a born Slytherin 😉 I think six tests proves it for now. I won’t even try a seventh, I’ve been showed the truth. I’m glad all the tests do tell me I am, because it’s the house I feel the most connection with. I mean, Draco is such a moody, sly, but yet very intriguing character. Charming, right? 😉 Okay, I’ll do a seventh quiz. Just because I can xd

I’d love for you to do the same one as I did! So, here’s the link. Please let me know in the comments which house you belong in!

Love, Deem ❤

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Images source: belonging to the tests named above


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