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8 hacks to make your life a lot easier!

Did you know that there are some things in your life, that you seem to be doing wrong? Take Nutella for example. Some pronounce it as Nu-tella, some as Nut-ella. But the actual pronunciation is New-tell-uh. Crazy right? Well, let’s make things even more crazy!

1. Eating cupcakes

I bet this happens to everyone: as soon as you try to eat a cupcake, you end up with some of the topping on your nose. And when you’ve almost finished it, there’s no frosting left. So, let me tell you the right way of eating a cupcake: turn it into some sort of sandwich. How? By cutting the bottom off the cupcake (or you can tear it off) and place it on top. Your nose stays clean and you’ll enjoy the topping till the last bite!

2. Erasing words by scratching

You’ve made a mistake, wrote a name wrong or wrote something silly that you want to erase. Most people start scratching what they wrote, but everyone knows that the text stays visible. Well, you may have to stare at it but, you get my point. You know what you should do instead? Write some random letters or words over the wrong written word. In that way, nobody will ever know what you wrote before!

3. Peeling a banana

Some say they’re easy to peel, and some struggle with it. But I bet you’re doing it wrong! You’re not supposed to peel them from the stem. That may sound weird, but monkeys always peel them from the bottom. And I mean, monkeys are always right, right?

4. Using bobby pins

The bobby pins are supposed to be attached like this: with the ribbed side pointing to your head. So that’s the other way around than most people do. If you put it in your hair like that, it’ll stay where it should!

5. Eating ice cream

I’m not talking about the ice cream cones or cups, but those on a stick. Because everyone hates it when they start melting. But there’s an easy life hack to prevent that from happening! All you need is a paper cupcake tin! You make a hole in it, put the stick through it and slide it slightly under your ice cream. Say goodbye to those annoying leaking droplets of ice cream!

6. Cycling with a skirt

Some girls wear skirts while they go cycling. They use one hand to keep the fabric down, trying to make sure it won’t go up for dirty men to stare at. All you need to prevent that, and to make it easier for yourself, is a rubber band and a coin. Hold the coin and take a piece of your skirt along with it, then go behind your back, between your legs. All that’s left to do, is tying the rubber band around it. And voila! That skirt ain’t going anywhere!

7. Stashing your makeup

Do you keep your nail polish and lipstick in a small tray or in a makeup bag? In the bathroom perhaps? Then here’s some news for you. It’s better to keep them in the fridge. Say what? Yes, warmth can cause your nail polish to turn thick and viscous, and your lipstick turns too soft. Perfume also has a much longer life if you keep it in the fridge!

8. Washing your hair

First shampoo, then the creme rinse is the shower rule everyone knows. So, that means there’s a high probability of you washing your hair in that same order. But, your hair will gain much more volume when you first use the creme rinse, and then the shampoo. And, the chances of your hair getting greasy decreases!

Did you do these things wrong? 

Love, Deem ❤

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Images source: Pexels

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