These are the secrets behind the logos from brands!

You see logos everywhere you look: on packaging, trucks, billboards etc. You’ll recognize most of them right away, but did you know some have a funny story to share? Almost like a small secret? Well, let’s get right into it!

1. Amazon

The arrow in the logo points from A to Z. That orange arrow means to tell you that Amazon literally does sell everything: from A to Z. And, that arrow is also showing a smiley. Did you know that?

2. Levi’s

If you’ve been wearing the logo on a shirt, you’ve actually been walking around with buttocks on your shirt. The small arches under the Levi’s logo are supposed to represent buttocks. You know, because the brand is famously known for its jeans?

3. FedEx

They have a very secret message hidden in their logo. You’ll see an arrow between the E and the X. That arrow points straight ahead, and means welfare. Which is kind of a funny message, don’t you think?

4. Adidas

They’re known for showing their famous stripes on clothes or shoes. On top of their logo, you’ll see three stripes. These three stripes show a mountain. And that mountain needs to be climbed by every sportswoman or man, to reach the top. Kind of a nice thought!

5. Toblerone

This chocolate bar, in the form of a pyramid, has a special meaning. You’ll see, once you look close enough, a bear hiding in the mountain. That bear is the symbol of the Swedish town Bern, in which the chocolate was made. And, you can also scramble the letters Bern out of the name Toblerone.

6. Beats

Everyone knows they sell speakers and headphones. But take a closer look at the logo. It looks like an ordinary B in a white circle, right? What if I tell you that the white circle represents a  head, and the B headphones? Mind blown, right?

7. Carrefour

If you’ve been shopping at France before, you probably know about the Carrefour. Have you seen the logo as an ordinary red and blue arrow? Think again. If you look close, in between the spaces, you’ll see a big, white C in between the arrows!

8. Pinterest

Of course you know what this name means. Pin, of course, stands for the meaning of the company’s business. Pin represents the meaning of ‘pinning’ photos onto boards. And interest is a matter of course. So, pin your interests! But, have you seen that the P’s stick has a sharp end? Meaning to ‘pin’ things?

Which ones did you know about? And which didn’t you know?

Love, Deem ❤

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