Had a weird dream? This is what it means!

Everyone dreams, every night. Some we remember, some we don’t. There are dreams so happy, that we don’t want to wake up from it. And there are dreams so awful, that we want to wake up from it. Maybe even that bad, that you startle awake. But what could your dream possibly mean?


All of a sudden, you’re standing in front of a group of people; naked. You startle awake, checking to see if you’re still wearing your clothes, If you’re dreaming this dream, it means you’re scared to show your vulnerability. Or you’ve gone through something that make you feel awkward. And if you start something entirely new, that might be why you were having that dream.

Fly away

You’re flying straight to your favourite city. Oh, wait. It’s just a dream. This means you’re a very ambitious person. If you’re flying low, you’ll achieve your goal pretty quick. Do you want to fly high in your dream, but aren’t able to succeed? That might mean you’ve set the goals a bit too high for yourself. Be a bit more realistic and go for it!


You’re sleeping peacefully, when you suddenly get the feeling you’re falling down. You startle awake. This dreams tells you you’re afraid to lose control. If you fall for a long time, it may tell you that things might get out of hand. Make sure you get it all under control. But, don’t be afraid to do lose control sometimes.


You’re being chased in your dreams by a scary creep. You run away, but you aren’t able to get very far. In real life, it means you’re trying to avoid someone. The dream may tell you who it is. If you remember the chase the next morning: do something about it!


It’s a good thing when you’re having a happy dream. But they then of course have to end well too! If your happy dream ends in uncertainty or fear, your conscience might tell you there’s no need for you to be insecure. Are you dreaming about a happily ever after? Then it means you’re in fact happy!

First day of school

Your first day on a new school, that’s always very exciting. A new school means meeting new classmates, but will they like you? It’s very normal to be dreaming about that. But, some dream that same dream many years after their first school day happened, and that means you’re afraid for new situations occurring. Stay calm, it’ll be okay. You’re born to lead!

End of the world

This is a really big nightmare, if you dream about the end of the world. It means there will be a big change coming in your life. If you dream about losing your loved ones, it tells you that you’re standing on your own in some situations. Take the challenge, you have the power!


You’re walking, nothing is wrong. Suddenly, you see a tiger/bear/lion standing in front of you. It attacks you, then you wake up. If you’re feeling down or are easily scared, that might be why you’re dreaming about that. But, good news! The older you get, the less you dream about predators!

Losing your teeth

It’s your worst nightmare: losing all your teeth. When you’re dreaming about this, you’re afraid people don’t find you attractive.

Famous people

Everybody dreams about meeting a celebrity. Are you dreaming about an actor? Then you’re trying to find some love. Are you dreaming about becoming a famous actress? Then you want to find recognition. Keep dreaming!

What was your latest dream about?

Love, Deem ❤

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      1. LOL But unfortunately, I have only dreamt once or twice of being on the Hogwarts Express. Usually the train takes weird routes (that don’t correlate to reality) or go in the opposite direction.

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