Domestic Goddess Tag

This tag is supposed to let you choose between the one thing or the other. Kind of like the this or that tag, but this time based on doing chores in your home. So, let’s roll into it, shall we?

The laundry

  • Dryer or on the clothing line?
  • Sort or wash it all together?
  • One kind of laundry detergent or multiple kinds?
  • One laundry day or doing the laundry every day?
  • Iron clothes or not?


  • Easy or culinary?
  • Grocery shopping once a week or multiple times a week?
  • Eating the same every week or try new things?
  • Store food or throw it away?
  • Eat at a table or eat on the couch?


  • Vacuum cleaner or broom?
  • Ready-made wet cloths or make your own soapy water?
  • Clean windows yourself or hire someone?


  • Remake your bed every day or leave it be?
  • Dishes by hand or dishwasher?
  • Cleaned house or messy house?
  • You do the chores or someone else?

What about you? 

Love, Deem ❤

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Image source: Pexels


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