Game review: Tomb Raider

I was planning on playing Horizon Zero Dawn first, but due to school, I decided not to. So, I started playing Tomb Raider instead. Afterwards, I could’ve easily started playing Horizon Zero Dawn. But that’s something you only find out when it’s too late 😉 Anyway, I own three games from Tomb Raider. I’ve only started playing the first one, and won’t write a review about the other two. So consider this one all three in one post 😉

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Today, I’ll be writing about the first one. I’ve bought the definitive edition. In the game, you’re playing as Lara Croft. Ever since she stranded on a ‘haunted’ island with the Endurance Crew. She has to grow from an inexperienced young woman into a hardened survivor.

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Every time you get send on a new ‘quest’, there will be an arrow telling you where to go. When you use L1, you’ll activate Lara’s survival skills, meaning she can detect animals to hunt for meat, enemies nearby and where she needs to go. She also detects small boxes that contain parts you have to scavenge.

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The green number 310, tells you how many parts you’ve scavenged. You’ll be able to upgrade the weapons you’ve gotten throughout the game. Though, most upgrades cost a lot of parts, meaning you can mostly upgrade one thing, whenever you reach a campfire to do so.

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Every time you reach a camp, you’ll be able to use fast travel (which I don’t), upgrade your gear, choose a new outfit and give yourself a new skill. The reason why I’m not using fast travel, is because I’m scavenging and trying to find artifacts and documents and such.

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When you have a skill point, you can use them to either upgrade a skill in survivor, hunter, brawler or offensive categories. And then there’s the map you get in every small area you end up in. That shows you where you need to go, your camps and the documents and relics you’ve found throughout the game.

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And of course there’s a lot of combat, where you can use different weapons. You can stealth kill, distract and then kill or kill immediately. But some are really hard to win from, so that requires a lot of stealth killing and finding the right technique for it!

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I shall give Tomb Raider, 4 out of 5 stars!

Have you played the game? 

Love, Deem ❤

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