Facts about Friday the 13th

I of course could’ve posted this post yesterday, on the day of doom itself πŸ˜‰ But I decided not to, because as this post is all about ‘myths and superstitions.’ I do believe these ones are pretty common, but I loving hearing about those I missed!

1. Friday the 13th

Many believe Friday the 13th is a ‘misfortune’ day. A day filled with bad luck. If you’re afraid of having to live through this day, you suffer paraskevidekatris phobia. It’s a composition from the Greek words paraskevi (Friday), deka (ten) and tris (three). It’s unknown where it originally comes from, but it has been written down in some old bible stories; saying 13 has always been a bad number.

2. Walking under a ladder

Many people believe that walking under a ladder will cause bad luck. An oblique ladder forms a triangle, together with the wall and ground. A triangle is the symbol of the Holy Trinity. If you walked under a ladder, people said you were connected to the devil. Eventually, two more were added: you’d die walking under a ladder, or a woman wouldn’t marry in that same year.

3. Black cats

I love black cats. I mean, my sweet cat is a black cat. He’s the sweetest thing and I love him with my entire heart. But some people dislike black cats. Why? Because black seems to be the colour of the ‘death’, meaning a black cat represents the devil’s body. That’s why they love using black cats in (horror)movies, being owned by a bad person.

4. Horseshoes

A horseshoe represents luck, meaning it should always be hanged with the endings pointing to the top. Once that’s done, the luck can ‘flow’ into it. But once it’s hanged upside down, people believe the luck will ‘fall out.’

5. ‘Dusting’ or ‘knocking’

Something we all do: knocking under the table to ‘dust’ bad luck off of you. However, some people believe you should only knock or dust on raw oak, willow or apple tree wood.

6. Breaking a mirror

This stems from the Roman time, where Romans believed that your reflection was a reflection reflection of your soul. Once you broke a mirror, you were breaking your soul. And according to the myth, it’d take seven years for your soul to fully recover. But some people nowadays believe shards mean luck!

7. Crossing fingers

By crossing your fingers, people believe you avert disaster. Your fingers will literally form a cross. Those who believe, believe Jesus will protect them from doom or evil.

8. Umbrellas

Opening an umbrella inside your house, is said to cause bad luck. Some legends say an umbrella will protect you from the storms passing by in your life. If you’d open your umbrella inside your house, you’d insult your protectors.

9. Celebrating your birthday earlierΒ 

Many people believe it’ll cause bad luck when you celebrate your birthday earlier than the date of your birthday itself. Some people don’t organize a baby shower, because a child hasn’t been born yet. Meaning the gifts would cause bad luck.

10. Salt

If you accidentally ‘spoil’ salt, a fight will happen. In the old days, salt was used to throw onto witches. People believed a witch wouldn’t be able to stand up, once their back was covered in salt.

11. Magpies

Magpies were seen as bad luck birds. Once you saw a magpie, it meant death or disaster.

12. Shoes on the table

If you put your shoes on a table, you’ll become poor.

13. Never sweep with an old broom

Once you sweep with an old broom in your house, some say you ‘sweep’ the luck away.

Do you believe in these superstitions? Or is there one you’d like to add?

Love, Deem ❀

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24 thoughts on “Facts about Friday the 13th

  1. Very interesting read. I had a very superstitious friend who thought that he’d have bad luck if his car keys touched the floor. I remember him asking me to pass him his car keys, so I threw them but he didn’t managed to catch them, they fell on the floor and he started freaking out haha

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      1. Yeah I’d never heard of it before i met him. I think he did some kind of ritual to undo it. I can’t remember what it was, but it involved tapping the top of his head.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Gewoon een dag als een andere. En wie diep gelovig is moet zich maar op zo een vrijdag zich opsluiten. Ook dan kan er van alles gebeuren. 😊😊

    Aum Shanthi

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