The things you hear when your best friend is a boy!

As soon as you tell people about your best friend, as a woman, people think you mean a female best friend. But no, your best friend is actually a boy. And of course, people always have an opinion about such things. The following sayings will look familiar when your best friend is a boy!

1. ‘Aren’t you a couple?’

No, have you ever heard of two people just being friends? Even if they’re from the opposite gender? You don’t have to fall in love with one another when you’re friends.

2. ‘Don’t you have any female friends?’

You do, but you like hanging out with guys way more. Though of course, people automatically think that you hate having female friends. That’s far from true, because you do need those in your life.

3. ‘Have you ever thought about dating?’

No, you’ve known one another for so long already, that’d it be creepy to start dating. You’ve shared so many things, that normal couples don’t even talk about. No way that you can call one another boyfriend or girlfriend.

4. ‘What if your best friend starts dating someone. Won’t you be jealous?’

Why would you be jealous? You’re helping your best friend wherever you can with finding someone he can love!

5. ‘So you two never fight?’

Of course you do! But that’s mainly about things that don’t even matter in the slightest. It’s mostly something very stupid. But everyone has a fight with their friends at some point.

6. ‘Are your parents okay with it?’

Why wouldn’t they be? It’s not their life anyway. And of course, they know your best friend pretty well. They know how much you care about him, in a friendly way.

7. ‘Do you share everything with him?’

Yes, literally everything. That’s exactly why it shouldn’t turn into a real relationship. There are things that you tell one another, that you wouldn’t share with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

8. ‘So, you don’t find him attractive enough to be your boyfriend?’

What’s so hard to understand about the words ‘just friends?’ Imagine every boy being not attractive, and you being friends with them. That’d mean you’d have an army of male friends.

Do you have a male best friend? As a female? Because I do!

Love, Deem ❤

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