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This colour suits you, according to your horoscope!

There’s a big chance that you’re aware of your favourite colour, but have you ever wondered if that colour truly fits you? If you haven’t, you’ll find out today! So, shall we take a walk on the rainbow?

Aquarius : blue

Aquarius is a water sign, so it’s only logical that your colour is blue. Blue is a calming colour, which is something you can use. Why? Because you’re often restless. Fun fact: Uranus is the reigning planet of an Aquarius. And that planet is also blue!

Pisces : light green

It’s the colour of a new life: meaning new energy, rejuvenation and renewal. This suits you, because no matter your age, you’ll always stay young and playful Pisces!

Aries ♈️: red

Red is a strong, notable colour. And an Aries is someone that doesn’t like being ignored. The colour means passion and strong energy, which suits you perfectly. Your reigning planet, Mars, is also red.

Taurus ♉: green

The Taurus is one with nature. A Taurus is born in spring: the period of time where nature blooms. Green means growth and the Taurus is an astrological sign of progress.

Gemini ♊: yellow

Gemini, you’re always happy and radiant, just like yellow. You love summer and love feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin. The colour also represents curiosity, and you’re very curious!

Cancer : white

The colour white suits you, because you need everything to be clean. You need a neat environment and a cleaned head. You don’t need chaos, because you’re always busy trying to be ‘arranged’ with your life. You also like keeping a clean conscience.

Leo ♌: gold

You have a warm heart and a positive mind. Gold is your colour because this suits your level of ‘richness’ and the power that you like to have. You love it when people look at you and can’t keep their eyes off you, but you’re also very generous.

Virgo : brown

No worries Virgo, the colour isn’t supposed to look like a dirty colour of brown. Because in reality, it’s the colour that you see in nature: the colour that belongs to dark wood. This colour means stability, and you’re a very stable and balanced person.

Libra ♎: pink

A light pink shade is what suits you best. This colour represents softening; it’s calming and sympathetic, just like you. You’re caring and sweet, Libra. That’s why this sweet colour suits you, just like candy!

Scorpio ♏: black

Dark and mysterious: that’s the colour black, and that’s you. Black also represents the depth of your personality. People find it hard to read you. That mysterious side of you is something you cherish, because you love other people’s curiousness towards you.

Sagittarius ♐: purple

Purple is the colour of the spirituality, the conscience and the honesty. Those three words suit you perfectly. You always seek for ways to go beyond your horizons. You’re also very open-minded and optimistic. The most important thing for you is to be happy. That’s all that matters.

Capricorn ♑: grey

Grey is a neutral colour, representing firmness and reliability. People can always trust you and rely on you, which isn’t weird at all! You’re very steady and determined to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Your friends know you’ll always have their back, no matter what.

Well, has your favourite colour changed after reading this?

Love, Deem ❤

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