These are the things that always go wrong!

Whether you have a job interview or have dinner at your parents-in-law, everyone makes ‘mistakes.’ We always think it turns out to be something negative, but it doesn’t always have to be that way!

1. Wrong name

You see someone walking by and you swear you recognize that person. But you’re quite sleepy and it’s Monday, so it was bound to happen: you say the name that supposedly belongs to that person. But then the person turns around, and it wasn’t the one you meant. You start blushing and quickly walk away. How embarrassing!

2. First date

You’ve forgotten your wallet on your first date. Yes, this does happen a lot. I read so many stories of people that always forget their wallet when they go on their first date. Out of nervousness? Who knows. Or maybe they want to be sure they don’t have to pay a penny for the meal 😉

3. Embarrassing stories

They’re the ones that make your cheeks turn red, and make you laugh when you tell them to your friends. And if you’re really embarrassed about it, but still want to share it, you can simply tell them you read it somewhere or heard it from someone.

4. Same clothing

You walk into class and see your classmate wearing the exact same outfit as you. People start making jokes about you being twins. But in reality, you both just have an incredible clothing taste!

5. Tripping

You trip in the middle of the city, falling to the ground. And of course, someone you know walks past you and asks if you’re okay. While most people are concerned about your well-being, you also spot some young girls filming you. Oh, the youth…

6. Suitcase trouble

It’s time to leave for your holiday, and you look at your suitcase. Not everything fits, and you’re stressing yourself out. But then you know what to do: you’ll wear a few layers of clothes over the ones you’re currently wearing. Problem solved!

7. Broken phone

There goes your phone… It falls flat onto the floor, a crack in the screen. You bring it to the repair shop and have to wait a few days before it’ll be back in business. It might be the perfect timing for you to grab a pen and paper and draw or write something!

8. Panty struggles

You’ve been to the bathroom and pull your panty up. But then it happens: a run in your panty. You feel embarrassed and don’t want to leave the toilet. Why does this always happen when you’re out in public?

9. Rainy days

You’ve just done your makeup and decided to wear some beautiful clothes for your day at work/school. And you want to get some exercise done, so you decide to use the bike. But then the clouds go dark, and rain comes down. Of course, every time you decide to get dressed up and cycle to work/school!

What are things that always go wrong, according to you?

Love, Deem ❤

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