The boyfriend tag

So, I’ve told you guys before, but I have a boyfriend since February 6. Meaning it has been almost a month! I know it would’ve been funnier to post it on March 6, but I just wanted to post it and therefore: here it is!

1. Do I have weird obsessions? If so, which ones?

B: You yell at the tv when you play games, getting really competitive and annoyed when you get murdered. But then again, I’m the exact same!

He’s completely right, it is indeed a weird thing I do haha. I just get frustrated when I’m so close to finishing the level, and then get killed at the very last second.

2. How long are we together?

B: Well, a month haha.

He thought I’d post this on March 6, so this question is correct!

3. What’s my favourite food and kitchen?

B: Definitely Italian restaurants! And for food I’d say… pizza over pasta.

True! I do love pasta, but pizza will always be my number one.

4. What am I currently watching?

B: I thought it was something called Stranger Things? Or had you finished that already?

I’m waiting for season 4. I’m currently watching The Good Doctor.

5. What’s something I don’t eat or dislike to eat?

B: Well, you’re a vegetarian. So you dislike eating meat.

And fish!

6. Which drink do I always order?

B: You literally always order water. I’ll never understand why, but it’s a lot healthier than me, with my diet coke.

I do always order water. I don’t drink alcohol and I don’t know, I prefer water over soda (don’t judge me).

7. What’s my shoe size?

B: A size 9, I believe?

No, a size 10. (In UK numbers. In EU it’s 44)

8. What do I love on my sandwich?

B: Oh you love cheese. Melted or not, you always put cheese on your bread.

I do indeed love cheese, especially a grilled cheese sandwich.

9. What’s my favourite form of music?

B: Is that a trick question? We share this: metal. And of course rock.

Another one correct.

10. What’s my favourite sport?

B: I think… boxing.

Boxing is my second favourite. Skateboarding will always be my number one.

11. What’s the colour of my eyes?

B: Blue/grey.

It is. Some say blue, some say grey. So I always say: blue/grey.

12: Who’s my best friend?

B: You have two. A male gay best friend and a female best friend.

I actually have three. I have another female best friend. 

13. Where do I want to live?

B: In England, London.

I would’ve been shocked if he didn’t know this one.

14: Who’s my favourite book author?

B: That’s kind of a hard question for me, I honestly wouldn’t know. We’ve never spoken about authors.

Stephen King is currently my number one.

15. What’s my middle name?

B: You don’t have one. But you wished you had one, because you don’t like your name.

True, I wish I could change my first name into something else.

16. What’s my favourite video game?

B: That’s got to be The Last Of Us, we’re both excited for part 2.

It’s my second favourite. But Uncharted will always be my number one.

17. Have I ever played an instrument?

B: No, I don’t think you ever did. I mean, singing doesn’t count, right?

I have done some piano and a lot of drum sessions.

18. Who’s my favourite YouTuber?

B: I mean, does Retro Replay count? You watch that a lot.

I don’t have a favourite YouTuber, but I love this guess. So I’m counting this as a correct answer.

19. Which celebrity do I want to meet and is my celebrity crush?

B: Oh, it’s one from The Umbrella Academy… The one with the curls and small beard. I forgot his name.

He plays Klaus and his name is Robert Sheehan. I’m giving him the point because he could describe his appearance.

20. When is my birthday?

B: February 21st.

I knew you’d guess this one right.

He did a very good job! He answered 13 out of 20 correct! 

Love, Deem ❤

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