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9 steps to clean your room!

It’s not your favourite activity (I mean, who does like cleaning their room?) But now that spring is coming closer, most people get the feeling of ‘having to clean’ something. And to make sure it’s kind of fun, I have some tips for you!

Step one: fresh air

Open your window to get some fresh air in your room. Get your phone, put some music on and make sure you get yourself some hydration. Because you’ll need it 😉

Step two: clothes

Start with cleaning your clothes. Put the laundry in the basket and the clothes you haven’t worn, will be put back in the closet. Also, clean your bed! Plus, beat the ‘dust’ from your duvet and pillows.

Step three: dishes

Gather all your glasses and plates and such. Put them in the dishwasher or do the dishes. It’s actually not that bad!

Step four: junk

Grab a garbage bag, gather all your junk and throw it away. If you stumble upon stuff you can’t throw away, keep it stored in a storage bin. Once you have more spare time, you can take another look at that bin and decide what you’ll do with the stuff you stored in there.

Step five: desk

Now it’s time to clean your desk. Is there a small table in your room or a bookcase? Those are the ones you’ll do next. Also, don’t forget to clean your windowsill and look under your bed. You’ll be surprised what you’ll find there 😉

Step six: dust

Grab a duster and clean your room from the dust. Then, use an all-purpose cleaner (in spray form) and a dry cloth to make your stuff shiny once more! And it’s way better for your health. Dust can harm your lungs 😉

Step seven: vacuuming

Use a vacuum to clean your room. Don’t forget to vacuum every spot! Even the tiny ones. There’s dust everywhere. If you have a wooden floor, don’t forget to use a mop to clean it.

Step eight: bed

Now, it’s time to put some fresh sheets on your bed! Nothing so lovely as sleeping in a fresh bed tonight!

Step nine: enjoy

Once you’ve cleaned your room, you’re allowed to reward yourself for your amazing work! So reward yourself with a snack, a gift or something else. But you’ve done an outstanding job!

How often do you clean your room?

Love, Deem ❤

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