This is your spirit animal according to your horoscope!

We all have a favourite animal, or an animal we feel attached to somehow. Did you know your horoscope/zodiac sign tells you which animal belongs to you? Well, it does! And here’s to discovering yours!

Aquarius: otter

Just like the otter, the otter is playful, creative and intelligent. You’re intractable and don’t really care what others think of you. Just like an otter, you like being in a group and you have a lot of friends. You’re dedicated when it comes to love. Once you’ve found a lover, you want to stay with that person for the rest of your life.

Pisces: wolf

You’re a big dreamer. But deep inside, you’re pretty sensitive. Just like a wolf, you’re independent and like to be alone. Though, you also love being a family person. One bad quality you have, is being vengeful.

Aries: hawk

You’re tough and pretty fast in a lot of things you do. You’re full of passion and independent. You’re a born leader. You like being the head of a group. You’re not afraid of taking charge. Though sometimes, some people find you selfish.

Taurus: beaver

You adapt easily and defeat any obstacle in your way. You’re inventive, but also stubborn and headstrong. You’re a hard worker and would built literally anything. That’s how dedicated you are!

Gemini: deer

Energetic, cheerful and smart: that’s you. You’re very caring to others. The only pitfall you have is for you to be very conceited. You can also be quite moody and you’re easily bored.

Cancer: woodpecker

You want to do literally everything you possibly can for your family. You’d even hurt yourself to protect them. Now that’s called love. You have unconditional love and are very caring.

Leo: salmon

You’re proud of whatever you do and achieve. You’re a born leader, not taking a no for an answer and knowing what seems to be the right thing to do. You’re loved, warm and enthusiastic. Though, people can find you arrogant pretty easily.

Virgo: bear

You’re attentive, independent and are a perfectionist. You look tough on the outside, but have a big warm heart. You can also be moderate and shy, though not very often. You’re also generous and you want to do everything you possibly can for those you love.

Libra: ant

You find equality, balance and collaboration very important. You’re amazingly capable of working together with someone. You’re the strongest in teams and are a dedicated worker. You’re very caring and are more of a follower than a leader.

Scorpio: snake

You’re mysterious, enigmatic and sneaky. People can’t really depend on you. That can also be seen as something positive, because it makes people curious about you. And negative, because people see you as someone doing things behind someone’s back. You always follow your intuition and are pretty spiritual.

Sagittarius: owl

You go with the flow! You’re not easily stressed and always follow your gut. You’re able to easily adapt in social situations, meaning everyone likes you pretty quick. Your only pitfall is that you can be quite reckless from time to time.

Capricorn: goose

You’re stubborn, do whatever you want and can be slightly rude. You can be your own enemy by seeing problems that aren’t even there. You’re quite a heated person, getting easily mad. You also have a lot of humour and people do love your jokes and laugh a lot!

So, which one is yours and does it fit?

Love, Deem ❤

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