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Life is a song tag

I love music. Actually, I live for music. I listen to it every day and so many music genres pass my Spotify playlist! So I couldn’t stay behind in filling in this tag!

1. What are the first three songs that come to mind, right now? And why those three?

Definitely Save You from Simple Plan. It’ll always be my first favourite song ever. That’s automatically the reason why that pops up first. It has been my favourite band since I was 5 years old. My second song will definitely be One More Light from Linkin Park. I’ll never get over Chester’s death and will therefore always be connected with that song. And the final one will be Anchor from Skillet. It’s a song I know by heart and the lyrics mean a lot to me.

2. Is there a song that reminds you of someone?

Yes, Apologize from One Republic featuring Timbaland. I had to do that a lot and it wasn’t accepted by a certain someone. I always find it hard when someone doesn’t accept my apology when I do mean it.

3. Some people sing, humming or whistling the entire day. Sometimes annoying other people. Are you one of those people, or do you know someone? And what’s your opinion about it?

I do love singing a lot, also humming. Very rarely whistling, but mostly the first two. But I must be honest in saying I only do it with those I feel really comfortable with. The singing part at least.

4. Some songs stay in your mind and aren’t leaving anytime soon. Which song does that to you?

I mean, I sometimes hear Friday by Rebecca Black a lot still, in commercials and shit. I HATE THAT SONG. But once I hear it somewhere, IT STAYS STUCK. I don’t know why!

5. Choosing your favourite song is hard, but what is it?

Definitely Save You from Simple Plan. It’ll always be my favourite song of them. They mean and meant a lot to me when I was younger. And I listened to that song a lot when my mum got sick. And that gave me another layer of finding myself in that song.

6. Which three songs are the first one that pop up when you use ‘shuffle’ on Spotify?

Know You Better by FÄIS, Iris by The Goo Goo Dolls and Savior by Skillet.

7. Which song makes you happy?

I mean, I have to choose MIKA’s song Love Today. It’s just a very catchy song that always gets me dancing and making me smile.

8. Which song makes you completely silent?

That’s gotta be Heaven by Avicii. It always gets me quiet, especially since it has a big impact on the story behind the song.

9. What’s your favourite playlist?

I mean, I have a ‘my favourites’ playlist on Spotify. That has all sorts of songs I listen to or used to listen to. So sometimes I hear something I used to listen to when I was younger and I’m like: oh I remember that song!

10. Which song is one everyone should know?

I’m gonna go for Heaven by Bryan Adams. It’s a song that’s so beautiful. It may not be the most fun song to listen to, if you get what I mean by seeing the title. But the emotion used while singing, it’s so awesome. And the lyrics is so beautiful.

What’s your all time favourite song?

Love, Deem ❤

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