The thoughts you have when your phone battery is running low!

You’ve been on your phone all day: listening to music, playing games, chatting with friends. And then you see it happen, right in front of your eyes: your phone is about to die. And guess who forgot to bring a charger and is far from home? Right you. The following thoughts will cross your mind when this happens!

  • Wait, wasn’t it 23% like five minutes ago? How did it go to 1% so fast?
  • Maybe I can quickly send a message to my friends, telling them I won’t respond for a couple of hours… Okay, never mind. My phone just died before I could even do anything.
  • Will they think something bad happened to me? Will they try to call me? Maybe they’ll call the police and report me missing…
  • What if my school adds a new grade in? How will I know if I passed? I can hear the group chat sharing all their wonderful grades and waiting for my reply!
  • Wait, how will I survive the rest of day without the ability of listening to some music? Oh no…
  • Okay, people didn’t even know about the existence of phones in the previous century. So, I should be fine. Right?

  • Would it be weird to start asking random people if I can borrow their charger? If they even have one…?
  • Why did I forgot to pack my power bank? I would’ve been able to charge my phone if I hadn’t forgotten to bring it!
  • Do I have to talk to strangers now? How else will I stay in contact with people?
  • What if my boyfriend/girlfriend texts me? What if he/she will think I’m ignoring him/her?
  • Imagine my boss trying to call me, to tell me I’m off for the night shift… And I end up going there for nothing!
  • Oh that’s so cute! Let me take a picture of that… Oh wait… My phone is dead.

  • I really need my best friend’s opinion about this matter. But I can’t even call him/her!
  • I can hear my mum panicking and trying to reach me. As soon as I get my phone running again, it’ll be bombarded with messages and missed calls.
  • What am I currently missing on my social media?

What are your thoughts when your phone battery dies and you forgot to bring your charger?

Love, Deem ❤

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18 thoughts on “The thoughts you have when your phone battery is running low!

  1. Haha social media is voor mij niet belangrijk. Ik moet het alarmnummer kunnen bellen om welke reden dan ook. Voor de rest heb ik een phone zodat mensen weten waar ik uithang😅 aangezien ik extreme uitstapjes maak.

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