The sing, fight, cry, pray, laugh, work and admire tag

I know, the name of this tag is pretty long. Don’t even get me started about it πŸ˜‰ But the questions are linked to a song that appears to be extremely Dutch. I don’t like Dutch songs, but it’s kind of a big deal here. So, I decided to fill this tag in. Because, what do these words mean?

1. When do youΒ sing?

Under the shower, in the car and sometimes out of nowhere. But mostly the first two. I do like singing, a lot. Some say I am good at it, but I don’t believe it as such. I still do it though haha. I sometimes thought I’d end up as a singer, when I was younger. But I don’t like being in the spotlight like that, so I changed my mind pretty quickly.

2. When’s the last time youΒ foughtΒ for yourself or someone else?

I think for my study, I’d say. I mean, getting your paper within a year is pretty hard. Especially when you need to succeed in getting all the grades. You can’t fail in any test you have. It’s strict, but that’s simply how my school operates. So I’d say that was the last time I really had to fight for myself.

3. Do youΒ cryΒ easily?

No, I don’t. I only did when I had to put my first cat down after she was old and sick, when my mum told me she had cancer and when my grandpa had a heart attack. Otherwise, no I’m not. I never cry at movies or series and when I’m mad, I simply play a game to get my frustration away from me. Okay, and I got emotional when I received the birthday project the community had made for me. That was just very overwhelming and sweet. But other than that, no. I find it kinda hard to cry, psychically I mean.

4. Do you doΒ prayers?Β Do you believe in something?

No, I don’t. I don’t believe in any god. I do sometimes do a quick prayer: mostly because I wanna get a good grade or because of a family member being sick and needing health. But other than that, no I don’t pray. I believe in myself, in finding my own path. I’m the one in charge of it, and I need to apologize to myself for mistakes I make. Not to someone above me.

5. Who makes youΒ laugh?

I always laugh when Nathan Drake makes a joke in the games. Actually, I laugh about most jokes made in games. And of course in movies and series and such. But I don’t really have a specific person that makes me laugh. I’d say myself perhaps, but that sounds kinda selfish. So I’ll go with movies and games for now.

6. Do you work to live or do you live to work?

I work to live. I mean, if I can write books for a living, I’d live to work. But right now, I’d say I work to live. I don’t work currently, due to my study that takes way too much of my free time. But I still believe in me working to live, because you need to have money to pay bills, buy food and provide a life for yourself. And to treat yourself with a holiday, a new game or concert.

7. Who do you admire, and why?

There are a lot of amazing actors and voice actors I admire. They’ve all made me happy in playing games, in feeling connected to a certain character. They inspire me with their stories and ways of looking into things, such as the story of the game or movie. And the life lessons they try to give, those inspire me the most. So I don’t have on specific admirer, but many.

What’s your answer on all these questions?

Love, Deem ❀

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14 thoughts on “The sing, fight, cry, pray, laugh, work and admire tag

  1. 1 als ik kon zingen zou ik iedere minuut me laten horen.
    2 dat moet ik al heel hard gaan graven zowel lichamelijk als geestelijk vecht ik niet meer
    3 als het nodig is zal ik mijn emoties tonen.
    4 heel de dag door zit ik met een mantra in mijn hoofd. Geloof ik ergens in. Ja in wat voor mij echt en aanvaardbaar is.
    5 de mensen rond me heen
    6 om te leven we hebben het nodig om onze dagelijkse behoefte te kunnen kopen
    7 me zelf dat ik hier mag zijn en leven en genieten

    Aum Shanthi

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  2. I’d sing while doing karaoke, I’ve fought for my best friend, I cry easily at sad scenes in movies, I don’t pray, I laugh when my boyfriend makes a joke, I work to live and I admire my mom πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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