25 very important life questions

I couldn’t think of an article after the birthday I had. So, I decided to fill in a tag. I know a lot of my lovely friends in the community don’t know everything about me yet. So here we go readers and friends!

1. What does your homescreen look like on your phone?

It’s the photo I took with Bryan and Amelia at MCM Manchester. Every time I see my phone, I go back to the day I was the happiest. By far the happiest day of my life. I have Amino, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Spotify, Twitter, WhatsApp, WordPress and YouTube on my homescreen.

2. You walk into a bar, what do you order?

A glass of water. Very rarely some soda, but nothing else.

3. Which word do you use too much?

To be very honest, I do use the word ‘crap’ a lot. I do believe I have to thank Nathan Drake for doing that to me haha.

4. What’s your favourite movie?

By far Mortal Engines. I know a lot of people hated the movie, and therefore we won’t get a sequel (thanks for that). But anyway, I loved the movie. It even knocked a different movie off the throne.

5. What’s your guilty pleasure on television?

Nothing, I don’t even watch television anymore haha. I don’t even have time to watch any series on Netflix, let alone watch a program on television.

6. What’s the last song you listened to?

The Uncharted soundtrack.

7. Who did you send a message last?

To my best friend.

8. What was your first mail address?

demi_1997_12, that’s what it started with.

9. What do you really hate?

People (cyber)bullying one another. Just let everyone be themselves. If you don’t agree with something, that’s your problem. Don’t make someone else sad.

10. What’s your most awkward moment ever?

I was in the bus back home from a fun day at an amusement park and the bus was completely filled with young people. There was a couple sitting down, while I was standing next to them. The boy sat on the outside. The bus had to make a brake for something, and I almost fell onto his lap. I was able to not actually fall onto him, but it was close. His girlfriend was not amused.

11. What’s your favourite day of the year?

Halloween! I love it so much! Getting dressed in scary clothes, watching horror movies and making horror snacks. Playing horror games! I love it!

12. What’s your favourite emoji?

I don’t really use them as much. But I do love the laughing out loud one. And the dragon and wolf one.

13. Cats or dogs?

I do love both! But my preference is cats, just a tiny bit more! But I love dogs just as much. As a pet however,  I do prefer cats!

14. Utrecht or Amsterdam?

As I’m living in Holland (sadly), I come here often for concerts. I must say that the best concerts take place in Utrecht for me. So I have to pick that one.

15. Coffee or tea?

I drink neither of them. You’d say I love tea (as a British person) but I weirdly enough don’t. Sorry friends!

16. Series or movies?

I do prefer series a tiny bit more! It’s because there’s more story into it, since they can divide it over a few episodes. And a movie is just one very long story.

17. England or America?

Is that even a question you need to ask me? ENGLAND FOR THE WIN! England is my country. I love England with all my heart. I want to go back so badly, live there.

18. Meat or fish?

Neither, I’m a vegetarian. This year will be my seventh year. Time does go by fast haha.

19. Alcohol or drugs?

Neither. I’ve never had any glass of alcohol and I’ve never used drugs. And I’m not planning on trying or using any of them anytime soon. No, thank you.

20. Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys?

I do have to choose the Backstreet Boys. I know them because of my mum. She was a huge fan of them when she was younger. I’ve never liked the Spice Girls.

21. Sesame Street or Spongebob?

Spongebob! I mean, even as an adult, who doesn’t like Spongebob? I don’t watch any episodes anymore, but still love him. I grew up with him.

22. Bert or Ernie?

I don’t really like Sesame Street. But if I have to choose, I pick Bert. He’s kinda like me. I mean, sometimes haha.

23. Pat or Mat?

Oh my goodness! I think I do have a preference for Mat. I mean, he was always the funnier one. In my opinion of course.

24. Most random fact about yourself?

I have three scars. One on my finger, one on my hand and one on my leg.

25. The most important life lesson you’ve learned over the years?

Live your own life. Don’t let others tell you how to live yours. You know how to live it.

What was something you didn’t know about me yet?

Love, Deem ❤

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