Sports class at school: the most annoying subject ever!

Some classmates can’t wait until the sport lessons starts, but others suffer an anxiety attack while only thinking about it. You? You pray for a miracle to happen, so the class will have to be cancelled. Every damn week, you’re being reminded that you hate sports: in class form.

1. You look at your sports bag and start to tremble ever so quick. You’d rather throw it out of the window, or show up without having any sports clothes on you. But then you’d have to wear dirty clothes from the ‘lost and found.’ No, thank you!

2. There’s never a good moment for this class in your schedule, but it’s pretty acceptable to see it as the very last class. Suddenly your entire schedule changes, and it has been moved to the very first class. Oh come on!

3. The teacher announces the plans for the class: rope climbing. You’d rather turn around, get dressed and go back home.

4. You don’t understand why some classmates have to be so fanatic during class. It’s not an audition for the Olympics. Calm down.

5. The class needs to be divided in two teams. Oh how you wish you can team up with the ones who are good at sports. Because as soon as they need one to sit on the bench, you happily volunteer to be the first one.

6. Saying you’re sick, that’s never an option. Because the front desk knows damn well you just don’t want to exercise.

7. You may not be the best in sports, but you don’t want to be picked last. That feels like you lost, big time.

8. They announce the shuttle run test, and you picture yourself being taken to the hospital. Just thinking about it gives you severe anxiety attacks. You’re already tired from taking the stairs, let alone doing the shuttle run test.

9. Why is sports an obligated subject at school? As if you need to know how to properly hold a basketball when you have a job.

10. The teacher yells from the side line, telling you that you need to step up your game. It really gets to your nerves. I mean, he isn’t even running!

11. There’s one thing worse than a normal class of sports: one outside! There’s bugs everywhere, it’s raining and it’s always too cold or too hot. It’s just never perfect!

12. Sports day: that means a ‘staying at home being sick’ day. As soon as you arrive, you hear most of your classmates have called in sick. Great, now you need to do this with a class you know no one in. Why didn’t you call in sick too?

What do you hate most about sports class? 

Love, Deem ❤

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