Different kinds of people during a sleepover

Having a sleepover is fun, even when you’re grown up. Watching a movie with your friends, talking about your crush, doing karaoke with your friends. And every person attending the sleepover, is different. So, shall we take a look at which different kinds of people there are during a sleepover?

The all nighter

There’s always that one person who can stay up all night. They keep talking and laughing, even while everyone else is already asleep. But then again, who needs sleep anyway?

The game freak

Truth or dare, Mario Kart or any board game: it doesn’t matter what type of game it is. This person loves playing games all night (and can’t accept the losing part when that happens).

The food lover

When the snacks are finally served, this person claims the entire bowl or plate. As soon as someone looks at that person, they put it back down and look ashamed. But when no one looks, they fill their hands with the snacks.

The story teller

This person is full of stories. Spill the tea! Who has a crush on who? And who broke up? But this person is even better at telling horror stories. They have the scariest stories stored in their memory, ready to frighten everyone.

The frightened person

Talking about scary stories, there’s always that one person that can’t handle those stories and won’t sleep all night once they’ve been told. They’re afraid of every sound made and don’t want to sleep in the dark.

The mom

This is the kind of friend that everyone wants to have in their group of friends. This person makes sure everything stays at peace and no mess is being made. During the sleepover, this friend makes sure you all keep quiet and go to bed early. Plus, he or she provides snacks and helps cleaning once it all ends.

Sleeping beauty

This person will fall asleep, three seconds after hitting the pillow. He/she won’t wake up, no matter what it is. They won’t notice anything. The following day, that person has no clue what has been said the night before. But, at least that person won’t look tired all day.

The early bird

Last but not least, the person that always wakes first. It’s like they have set an alarm for themselves. But what are you supposed to do now? Everyone is still asleep! Should you go downstairs, take a shower or spend your time on your phone until someone wakes up? Oh, decisions!

Which one are you during a sleepover? Or which one do you think you’d be?

Love, Deem ❤

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