10 recognizable things when you’re bad at planning

Of course it isn’t your fault that you’re too late. You left the house early, but you know how traffic can be. Well, in all honesty were you doing a lot of things before you left, meaning you left too late. You try to plan as well as you can, but you fail occasionally. The following list will look very familiar if planning isn’t your strength.

1. When your friends are talking about the party that they’ll attend in the evening, you’re like: party? Which party? It was known months ago and they say you promised to come. You said yes right away. You must’ve forgotten to write it down somewhere.

2. You forget to check your agenda, every time you make a new appointment with someone. Maybe it’d be best if you did start doing that, because you make a lot of double appointments.

3. You buy an agenda, knowing you definitely need it. But as soon as you have one, you forget to use it still.

4. In your group of friends, you’re the one that’s never allowed to plan anything. They simply don’t trust you with it.

5. You always forget to meet your deadlines and do everything last minute. It causes you a lot of stress and a lot of sweat. Wouldn’t it be time for a change?

6. You made sure you were just in time, but you promise yourself that you’ll start sooner next time. But you know you won’t keep your own promise and delay it just as you did before.

7. Being chaotic is your middle name. When you travel with public services, you check your possibility for travelling when you wait for the train or bus, to find out you don’t have enough money to travel. Wouldn’t it be wise to check before you leave?

8. You’re bad at keeping track of time, so you always show up late. To appointments, parties, meetings. Everything.

9. And then it happens: you arrive on time! Everyone is pleased by your early arrival and give you credit for it. That gives you the courage to try it again, next time!

10. Your new year’s resolutions? How about wanting to be better at making plans? And this year, you’ll really try! But two days later, you give up. You tried, and that’s all you can say about it.

Are you able to keep track of your plans and deadlines?

Love, Deem ❤

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