English stories

A bad day?

It has been a tough day for Henry. He forgot his keys at home; he missed an appointment with a very important costumer and his car has a flat tire. When he arrives at his house, his wife is already cooking the evening meal. His two children are playing together in the living room. He walks to his wife and gives her a kiss on her cheek.
‘Where have you been?’
‘Well, I have forgotten my keys.’
‘Yes, I saw them at your desk.’
‘I missed an appointment with a costumer.’
‘How did that happened?’
‘The tire of my car was flat.’
‘Oh honey… What did your boss say?’
‘Well… He wasn’t happy that I missed the appointment. Luckily for me my colleague was there.’ His wife kisses him and calls the children. His oldest daughter walks to him, with a white paper in her hand.
‘This is for you daddy.’ Henry expands the paper open and looks at the drawing. He sees four people, two adults and two children.
‘It’s beautiful honey.’
‘It’s our family, you see?’ She’s going to sit on his lap, as her mother put the pan on the table.
‘We’re going to eat honey. Will you help your brother with his napkin?’
‘Yes, I will help him.’ The little girl helps her brother with his napkin. Then, she sits opposite her dad and looks at the pan.
‘It’s smells delicious mom, what is it?’
‘It’s an old recipe from your grandmother.’
‘May I brag the food?’
‘Sure. But be careful, it’s hot.’ The little girl brags the food on the plates. Henry gets his mobile out of his pocket and starts filming.
‘You’re doing great dear. Watch out for the candle.’ The little girl blows the candle out and continues with the bragging rights. After she has finished, the four family members are going to pray. When the pray has finished, they start eating. The little girl is trying to kick her dad under the table, but her legs are too small. Her mother looks at her and shakes her head. The little girl smiles at her parents and continue eating. After dinner, the little girl is helping her mum with the dishes, while her dad is playing with her brother. And so the day ends in this house. Henry’s day started badly, but ends up great.

The End

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