English stories

Ex trouble

Ryan walks through his bicycle, when he hears a familiar voice behind him. He turns around. It’s his ex, Ivy. He gives her a hug and gives her a kiss on her cheek. She smiles at him.
‘How are you?’
‘Good, but I have to tell you something.’ Ryan looks her in the eyes.
‘What’s wrong?’ Ivy looks down at her shoes. When she looks back, she took Ryan’s hand.
‘I’m dating someone.’ Ryan starts laughing.
‘What’s so bad then?’ Ivy doesn’t speak.
‘It’s… it’s your best friend, Steven.’ Ryan doesn’t say a word. He’s just starring at her, not knowing what to say.
‘Please, say something. And besides, you cannot choose on who you fall in love.’ Ryan takes his key out of his pocket en tries to open his lock.
‘Ryan, don’t be mad at me. I can’t help it. He asked me on a date and… well, he is really nice.’
‘Look, if you don’t shut up for a miserable moment, I’m gonna scream so loud that people will stare at us. Could you please shut up?’ Ryan puts his key for the third time in the lock. He succeeded to open it. He gets his bike out of the bicycle parking station and gets on his bike.
‘Ryan, let me explain one more thing!’
‘What did I asked you? You know what, erase my number out of your phone, I’m done with you.’ Ryan cycles away. Ivy is crying.

The next morning, Ryan looks at his phone and sees that he has fifteen missed calls. It’s not only Ivy, Steven has tried to call him three times. Ryan erases the missed calls. He looks at the clock and go to the bathroom. He has a appointment with his boss. When he’s done, his phone is ringing again. He sees that Ivy is calling him. He pushes the red button and puts his shoes on. He walks downstairs, gives his mom a kiss and walks through his bicycle. Steven is standing on the other side of the road. Ryan is trying to ignore him, but Steven wants to talk to him.
‘Look, Ryan, I’m sorry I had a date with Ivy. I’m sorry I’ve fallen in love with her. But I can’t help it. Don’t be mad at Ivy. I invited her on a date, so it’s my entire fault. I hope you can forgive me in about a month, but I won’t force it.’ Ryan doesn’t look at him. He’s just staring and thinking what to say.
‘I’m sorry Steven, but I can’t and will not forgive you. Our friendship is over.’ Ryan gets on his bike and cycles away.

A month later, Ivy and Steven have broken up together. They decided that they don’t want to hurt Ryan any longer. Steven has tried to contact him, but Ryan ignores all signs of it. Ivy has moved, far away from Ryan, in the hope that Ryan can forget her. But, where is Ryan? Ryan is happy with his new girlfriend, Trix.

14 thoughts on “Ex trouble

  1. Poor Ryan. I know that Ivy doens’t want to hurt him, but with his best friend… I’m glad that he is happy with his new girlfriend πŸ™‚

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