English stories

A family

Somewhere on this planet is a small town with only four people. The town is called ‘OurTown’, and a man, his wife and two children are living there. The man is a doctor and his wife is a dentist. They have a lots of money. The boy named Kevin is seven years old. He loves to play with cars and action toys. His sister Liza loves to play with dolls (who doesn’t?). She is four years old, but smarter then her brother. If her father ask her a question, she can always answer it. Her brother sometimes. Liza loves to go to school. She loves to draw and paint. Her mother has a closet full of paintings from her little girl. Her brother is really good at maths. He has a good sight at numbers. Mark and his wife Andrea are celebrating there aniversary. They’re married for five years. Kevin has a special gift for his parents. Liza will give her parents a drawning of there happy family. Kevin has made a car out of ice sticks. He is very happy when his father gives him a kiss. ‘It’s wonderful son. I will drive it tomorrow’. ‘But dad, it’s to small for you’. Mark gives his son a hug. ‘But my heart is never to small for gifts’.

The End

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