English stories

A small English story

Omdat er af en toe ook een Engelstalig iemand mijn blog leest, heb ik besloten ook af en toe eens een Engels verhaaltje te schrijven. Dus ik begin met een korte.

It was a really warm day when I opened my window. I looked out my window, and I saw a young man. That man was chewing on something, when he hold a newspaper in his left hand. It seems like he was on his way to his work. My mother knocked on my door. ‘Come on sweety, you have to go to school. Your breakfast is ready, and your little brother is waiting for you’. She walks away. Oh yes, it’s my brothers birthday. He’s turning six today. I look under my bed. His present is ready to be given away. With the big gift in my hands, I try to walk down the stairs. My little brother jumps around me. ‘Easy George, I will give it to you when you sit at the dinner table’. I blink one time with my eyes, and he is gone. I walk with a big smile on my face right to the kitchen. When I give my gift at him, he opens it with a big smile. ‘Thank you’. He is gonna play with his new truck. I’m happy he liked his gift.

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